Tianna Tanasichuk, Region 2 Métis, 2021/2022 intern

I was able to be a part of the I-STEAM community for the past three years, two of which were through internships. My involvement began in the summer of 2021 which first introduced me to field research. I had never done any lab research before and I was really intimidated by the idea of working in a lab but the I-STEAM program works diligently to help students have a positive experience and see if a future in graduate school is something they would want to pursue…From this program I have been able to fall in love with bees and I am applying to graduate school in the states for fall 2024. I am actually being flown out to a campus in Colorado to see if I would like to apply to grad school there. My lab has been a huge support for me which I would have never discovered without the I-STEAM program.