Project Submissions

Applications and project submissions for the 2024 I-STEAM Pathways Program are now open. Please read all the information on this page and apply through the link below. The application deadline is December 1, 2023.

Key Program Objectives

  1. Provide Indigenous undergraduate students with opportunities to get involved in research, thereby providing a pathway to advanced degrees 
  2. Provide mentors for Indigenous students as they undertake their journey 
  3. Increase the capacity of Indigenous communities to respond to the significant environmental challenges of this time; and
  4. Interweave Indigenous knowledge throughout the program and where possible, into the research.

Project Supervisors Responsibilities

  1. Oversee a research project aligned with environmental education goals (e.g. environmental sciences, law, policy, engineering) and relevant to Indigenous communities
  2. Supervise students in a practical field/research experience (35 hours/week for 8-16 weeks between May-August)
  3. Mentor the intern(s) in their development of research knowledge and skills, as well as in their exploration of career pathways in environmental science; and
  4. Attend a seminar on mentoring Indigenous students on Monday April 29, 2024.
    Due to the possibility of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, we ask that contingency plans be included which will as far as possible provide a quality research research experience for interns.

Key Dates and Timeline for the 2024 program.

  • October 2023: The Project submission portal for the Summer 2024 internship program will open in October and close on December 1, 2023. Professors/supervisors are encouraged to make project submissions as early as possible from this date. 
  • December 2023: Supervisors will be notified if their project has been selected after proposals have been reviewed by the I-STEAM leadership team. 
  • December 2023 Students applications portal will open. Selected projects will be advertised online for student applications.
  • January 2024: Student applications portal will close. 
  • Late January-February 2024: Applicants who advance from initial screening to the interview stage will be contacted for an interview. 
  • February 2024: Interns’ recruitment will be completed, including initial screening, interviews, selection and matching of final student internship candidates to supervisors/projects. Supervisors will be invited to participate in the interview and process of matching students to projects.
  • February 2024 -Final Selection: Applicants who are successfully interviewed and matched to a project and supervisor will be informed from this date. 
  • May-August 2024 – Internship Placements: Project placements will vary in length from 8-16 weeks. All projects will take place within this timeframe.  

Application deadline is December 1, 2023

If you have any questions regarding the research project submission and selection process, please contact us at