I-STEAM Pathways: Environmental Education Program for Indigenous Students

Enabling First Nations, Métis or Inuit undergraduate students to gain research experience in environmental fields including science, environmental engineering, environmental law and policy.

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I have learned that we should be managing our water bodies by investigating the health of organism populations as water scarcity can become a threat in the future if we are not monitoring for changes. By having knowledge of indicators it would help in monitoring of the Athabasca river.

Janelle Flett, 2020 intern

Understanding more about Indigenous Laws will help me to better understand how I can help communities to work towards sustainability, protect their land and other objectives they have related to the environment, sustainability, and sovereignty.

Kienna Shkopich-Hunter, 2020 intern

I learned so much during this internship and was fully immersed in research. My supervisor was great and made sure I got to work on multiple projects and made sure I was getting a lot out of the experience.

Lauren Perras, 2020 intern

I chose this work, above other offers this summer specifically because I think it will give me good experience for a masters and PhD.

Alyssa Chatz, 2020 intern