I-STEAM Pathways: Environmental Research Internships for Indigenous Students

Enabling First Nations, Métis or Inuit undergraduate students to gain research experience in environmental fields including science, environmental engineering, environmental law and policy.

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It was an amazing opportunity and I learned so much from it. I enjoyed all the time spent doing the work, but even more importantly I enjoyed working with the amazing people involved.

Saada Hussien, 2021 Intern

I chose this work, above other offers this summer specifically because I think it will give me good experience for a masters and PhD.

Alyssa Chatz, 2020 intern

Career and life changing internship. I am much more familiar with the graduate landscape. I developed a lot of skills that I am using this semester in my studies.

Tristan Monahan, 2021 Intern

I learned so much during this internship and was fully immersed in research. My supervisor was great and made sure I got to work on multiple projects and made sure I was getting a lot out of the experience.

Lauren Perras, 2020 intern